Funerals : Memorial Services : Scattering of Ashes

Many families are choosing a Celebrant to conduct the Funeral Service for their loved one instead of a church service. It is a time to be able to remember, honour, respect and celebrate all the things that made that person so special to you and those around you. Although this is a sad time, we can create a service together which reflects your loved one’s life, passions, thoughts and deeds. Family members and/or friends may also wish to contribute in some way with a reading or additional eulogy and this would be included in the service. Your Funeral Director will take care of legal arrangements, including the venue, whether it is to be a cremation or a burial and your preference for either a celebrant or clergy. You can nominate a Celebrant of your choice and the Funeral Director will assist by contacting the Celebrant and advising of the necessary arrangements. You can also choose to hold a service at a funeral chapel or outdoors in a setting which reflects your loved one’s life and background. Whatever you choose, I will conduct the service according to your wishes, and the family will receive a formal copy of the service including the eulogies. There are times that a terminally ill person may want to discuss arrangements for inclusions in the service for their funeral and a meeting with me, for this purpose, whether at a hospital or at home can be arranged. This may save the family a lot of anguish and makes it easier for them when the time arrives for funeral arrangements to be made. Memorial Services are sometimes requested either prior to or a short time after a private cremation or burial. Scattering of Ashes is also another form of closure for families and friends. As your Celebrant, I would be able to help with appropriate arrangements for such services.