Renewal of Vows

A Renewal of Vows Ceremony (sometimes called Reaffirmation Ceremony) reflects your journey together through life and is a way of showing family and friends your enduring love and respect for each other.

Couples, already legally married, cannot go through another form of marriage ceremony; however, as your Celebrant, I can offer a Renewal of Vows Ceremony as a wonderful way to reaffirm your close and loving relationship.

These celebrations mean that the couple may want to repeat the vows used on their actual wedding day, or might like to prepare new vows for this occasion.

There are different reasons for couples wanting to renew their vows. It may be that

a couple having married overseas is returning home to have another celebration with family and friends; or

a wedding day did not go to plan and the couple want to do it all again — their way.

Sometimes, a significant milestone such as a Silver, Ruby, Gold or Diamond Wedding Anniversary is celebrated in this way.

You will be presented with a Renewal of Vows (or Reaffirmation) Certificate along with a formal copy of your ceremony.

Life Commitment Ceremonies

Life Commitment ceremonies are a wonderful way to declare your respect, love and commitment to each other in company of friends and family, without the legalities of a wedding.

Whether a heterosexual or same-sex couple — your ceremony will be a wonderful way of celebrating your relationship, either privately or with family and friends.

As your Celebrant I will assist you with preparation of vows of commitment and other arrangements to make these moments special to you both.

As a lasting memento, you will receive a Life Commitment Certificate along with a formal copy of your ceremony to celebrate the occasion.

Other Celebrations

If you are thinking of ways to celebrate significant Birthdays or Anniversaries – a ‘This is Your Life’ style of celebration can be arranged. If the occasion is to be a surprise, you will need to be sure that the person/persons involved would accept that type of celebration.

A wonderful time of recalling the special events throughout their life will be enjoyed by all.

A specially prepared folder will be presented following the proceedings.